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DIN Rail modulkasser

DIN skinnekasse

Et bredt udvalg af DIN Rail modulkasser

Vi har et stort udvalg af DIN Rail modulkasser, vægmonterede kasser og kasser til termostater samt IP65 forseglede kasser. Dertil diverse kabinetter og bokse til elektronik. Bernics DIN Rail modulkasser er en fleksibel løsning, der findes i mange størrelser og derved let kan integreres i produktion. Bernic er worldwide og har distributører i hele verden.

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DIN rail enclosures

Flexibility to build your own DIN-rail enclosure. The stair box DIN-rail enclosures gives you the flexibly to build your own DIN-rail enclosure with the building blocks method. With printed circuit boards for terminals in two levels the enclosure offers the possibility of taking electrical design to the next level. The possibility of mixing different openings for connectors, with or without ventilation, gives not only a very wide range of options for connections, but also offers highly customizable enclosure designs. Due to designed covers it is possible to add individual features to the design. It is available in 2,4,5,6, & 12 modules!

Din Rail Enclosures :: Transparent cover/lid

Din Rail enclosures

Din Rail Enclosures :: Ventilated

Din Rail enclosure
ventilated cover

Din Rail Enclosures :: Smoked cover - Custom colors possible

Din Rail enclosure
smoked cover

Din Rail Enclosure :: clear lid

Din Rail enclosure
clear lid

Din Rail Enclosure :: grey

Din Rail enclosure
Standard grey

Din Rail Enclosure :: oval holes

Din Rail enclosure
Oval holes

Wallmounted enclosures

Enclosure for wall mounting. Sutiable for sensors etc. Standard colour is white/white but other colours can be supplied upon request.

PCB and packing are available.

Wall mounted enclosure :: with knob

Wall mounted enclosure
with knob

Wall mounted enclosure :: Ventilated

Wall mounted enclosure

Modular enclosures


Modular enclosure for M36 DIN-rail. Series 1435 is designed for automations equipment and can be used with a plugable terminal, a D-sub or other kind of connectors in the front.

Sealed enclosures

These enclosures are designed to IP65 specifications and are ideal for use in electrical and electronic industries for use where modern design is important. The moulded enclosures are offered in two different designs and a variety of colours.

Sealed portable enclosures

This series of utility boxes is very suitable for assembling of in-door electronic devices. Furthermore they are ideal for complete or partial potting. Moulded in ABS UL94-VO.

Sealed enclosure :: grey

Sealed enclosures

Sealed enclosure :: Transparent lid

Sealed enclosure
Transparent lid

Instrumentation enclosures

A standard plugable terminal (like Phoenix or any other connector) is mounted with the other components on the PCB. The side parts and and front are screwed to the PCB and slid into the box.

Desktop enclosures

Four part enclosure that includes top, base, front panel and rear panel. This series is designed for peripheral equipment of computers, electromedical devices, laboratory equipment, measuring devices, control equipment and other types of electronics.

Desktop Enclosure :: Knocked out and closed

Desktop Enclosure
Knocked out and closed

Desktop Enclosure :: Knocked out

Desktop Enclosure
Knocked out

Desktop Enclosure :: closed

Desktop Enclosure

Hand-held & Project enclosures

A range of hand-held enclosures, which are ideal for control devices. Internal PCB bosses are molded in top and base covers. Front panel is as standard in ABS grey color. Dark-red transparent PMMA panel for infrared sensors can on request be delievered.

Hand-held & Project enclosures

A range of hand-held enclosures that are ideal for hand-held control devices. Internal PCB bosses are moulded in top and base covers for self-tapping screws. Designed in top and base cover two part construction.

Other enclosures

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